BCA -Bachelor of Computer Application

Bachelor of Computer Application School of Management In Barasat

SBIHM School of Management offers a Bachelor of Computer Application program designed for candidates eager to explore the realm of computer languages. This program serves as a gateway to kickstart a career in Information Technology, providing a comprehensive understanding of computers and their applications. Graduates of BCA from SBIHM School of Management are presented with abundant opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Here’s a breakdown:

Government Sector: Entry into various government sectors such as UPSC CDSE, UPSC, SSC CGL, SSC, among others, requires candidates to clear graduate-level entrance exams, for which BCA degree holders are eligible to apply.

Public Sector: Companies like NTPC, Steel Authority of India, BHEL, etc., provide career opportunities to BCA graduates without the necessity of appearing in any entrance exams (usually) for positions in the public sector.

Private Sector: With India’s notable growth in the IT sector, BCA graduates from SBIHM School of Management are presented with numerous job opportunities in leading IT companies. These roles offer attractive packages and promising career growth, making the private sector an appealing option for BCA graduates.
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BCA Course Duration: Charting Your Path to Success

Our program duration spans three years, strategically designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the dynamic field of computer applications.

Throughout the course duration, you will delve into various aspects of computer languages, programming, software development, and more. Each semester is carefully planned to cover core subjects, electives, and practical training, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

At SBIHM, we are committed to nurturing your growth and preparing you for a successful career in Information Technology.

Name of the course Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
Duration 3 years (Six Semesters)
Eligibility 10 passed/appeared from recognized Central or State Govt. Board
Seat 60
Industrial training duration As per the curriculum in respective semesters
Placement Domestic / International


  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Network Administrator
  • System Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • System engineer
  • Database Manager
  • Analyst- Support/Operations
  • Service Associate


Here are some career opportunities associated with the BCA course at SBIHM School of Management in Barasat across various sectors:

1. Finance & Accounting Management: BCA graduates can work in finance departments of organizations, handling tasks such as financial analysis, budgeting, and accounting using computerized systems and software.

2. HR Management: They can pursue roles in human resources, assisting in recruitment, employee management, training, and performance evaluation using HR software systems.

3. Supply Chain Management: BCA graduates can contribute to optimizing supply chain operations through the use of information systems, managing inventory, logistics, and distribution processes.

4. Advertising: They can be involved in digital advertising campaigns, utilizing their skills in web development, analytics, and digital marketing tools.

5. Tourism Management: BCA graduates can work in the tourism industry, developing and maintaining websites, booking systems, and digital marketing strategies for travel agencies or tourism organizations.

6. Aviation: They can assist in aviation management tasks, such as flight scheduling, passenger management systems, and aircraft maintenance tracking using specialized software.

7. Banking: BCA graduates can work in banks, managing online banking systems, security protocols, and financial transactions using banking software platforms.

8. Consultancy: They can offer IT consultancy services to businesses, advising on technology solutions, system implementations, and digital transformation strategies.

9. Digital Marketing: BCA graduates can specialize in digital marketing, using their knowledge of web development, analytics, and SEO to promote products and services online.

10. Entertainment: They can work in the entertainment industry, developing software applications, websites, or gaming platforms.

11. Insurance: BCA graduates can work in insurance companies, managing policy databases, claims processing systems, and customer relationship management software.

12. Manufacturing Units: They can contribute to manufacturing operations by implementing automation systems, inventory management software, and production scheduling tools.

13. Warehouse Management: BCA graduates can work in warehouse management, optimizing storage systems, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment processes using specialized software.

14. Purchase Management: They can assist in procurement activities, managing vendor databases, purchase orders, and contract management systems.

15. Vendor Management: BCA graduates can manage vendor relationships, track performance metrics, and facilitate communication using vendor management software.

16. Sales & Marketing Management: They can support sales and marketing teams by analyzing market data, managing customer databases, and implementing CRM systems.

Overall, the BCA course at SBIHM School of Management in Barasat prepares graduates for a wide range of career opportunities across industries, leveraging their expertise in computer applications and information technology to drive organizational success.