Our Campus

Welcome to the SBIHM School of Management in Barasat, where infrastructure means more than just buildings and facilities—it signifies the foundation of excellence and innovation in education.


About our campus at SBIHM School of Management in Barasat:
The infrastructure at SBIHM School of Management in Barasat is designed to support students’ academic and practical needs. Our campus features modern facilities such as a central library, auditorium, conference hall, canteen, and healthcare center. Specialized labs for culinary arts and food production ensure hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology for interactive teaching. Transportation facilities, including deluxe buses, are provided for convenient commuting. Overall, our infrastructure fosters a conducive environment for holistic education and student development.

SBIHM prides itself on its state-of-the-art infrastructure tailored for its students. These facilities play a crucial role in ensuring a conducive campus life and provide an ideal environment for academic pursuits. Our sprawling premises encompass a central library, auditorium, conference hall, canteen, healthcare center, and recreational areas. Situated away from the crowded city center, our institute offers an eco-friendly atmosphere to our students, fostering a conducive learning environment. All our courses are meticulously designed to offer ample opportunities for students to excel in the hospitality and associated industries.

Our classrooms are fully digital and spacious, equipped with the latest audio-visual teaching aids and network connectivity. These facilities facilitate interactive presentations, enhancing the learning experience at SBIHM to a world-class level.

Advanced Production Lab
The Advanced Food Production Lab is dedicated to teaching and training students in international cuisine. Here, final-year students refine their culinary skills under expert guidance.

Bakery and Confectionery Section
Our Bakery and Confectionery department imparts training in the art of making various products, including yeast products, confectionery items, chocolates, and puddings. We have two separate Bakery labs to cater to the practical needs of students in different years.

Food Production Lab
The Food Production department trains students in culinary arts, starting from basic cooking techniques to advanced culinary skills. The Bakery & Confectionery section is an integral part of this department, ensuring holistic culinary education.

Basic Food Production Lab
Equipped with the latest equipment, our Basic Food Production Lab trains first-year students in basic Continental and Indian cuisine.

Training Restaurants
SBIHM boasts two training restaurants where students learn various aspects of food and beverage services. They gain practical experience in handling big events and perfect their skills in mixology and beverage service.

Food & Beverage Service
This department trains students in fine dining service skills and mixology, preparing them for managerial roles in restaurants and elite event operations.

Front Office Lab
The Front Office department focuses on imparting reception skills and business operation knowledge to students. Training in sales, marketing, and revenue management is also provided.

To facilitate commuting, SBIHM has introduced two deluxe buses for student pick-up and drop-off. This service is available to both day scholars and hostel residents, saving valuable time during commute.

Hostel Accommodations: At SBIHM School of Management in Barasat, separate hostel facilities are provided for both male and female students. These accommodations ensure a safe and secure living environment, prioritizing the well-being of the residents. Students are offered comfortable boarding options along with healthy and hygienic food choices, enhancing their overall experience.

Language Lab: The Language Lab at SBIHM serves as a dedicated space to support language instruction and foster collaboration among students. Equipped with essential resources, this lab enables mentors and faculty members to enhance students’ language skills effectively. It provides a platform for quick and easy access to information, facilitating academic learning and communication.

Computer Lab: The state-of-the-art computer lab at SBIHM is equipped with the latest machines, modern software, and high-speed internet connectivity through LAN and WiFi. This facilitates students’ access to current industry trends and technological advancements. The lab serves as a central hub for learning and exploration, empowering students to stay updated with emerging technologies and developments in their field. Additionally, SBIHM offers an exclusive computer learning outlet for students’ use, further enriching their educational experience.

Cafeteria: The all-day cafeteria at SBIHM School of Management provides refreshments for busy minds, ensuring students have access to nourishment throughout the day. Alongside, students can also enjoy entertainment options such as television, creating a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere for socializing and unwinding.

Library: The college’s spacious library plays a pivotal role in the academic development of students. Stocked with a vast collection of books, journals, and periodicals, it provides invaluable resources for research and learning. Additionally, students can utilize computers with internet access within the library premises, enhancing their access to academic materials and online resources.

Housekeeping Lab: Designed to meet the needs of guests, the housekeeping lab at SBIHM includes specialized areas such as laundry operations and room management. Equipped with the necessary facilities and resources, this lab offers hands-on training opportunities for students pursuing hospitality management courses, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future careers in the industry.

Textbooks: Students receive a set of textbooks prescribed by the college to support their academic studies. However, additional books may be required for reference purposes, which students may need to purchase at their own expense. This ensures students have access to the necessary resources to supplement their learning and academic pursuits.

Seminar Room: The spacious auditorium is used for activities such as seminars, guest lecture, cultural activities, depart mental functions and other events. The auditorium has provision for latest public addressing systems, LCD projectors, slide projectors and comfortable seats.


Our facilities at SBIHM School of Management in Barasat are designed to provide students with hands-on learning experiences. With specialized labs for culinary arts, bakery, and food production, students have ample opportunities to hone their skills. Additionally, our training restaurants and front office lab offer practical training in hospitality management and guest services.
Lab Name No of Classes
No of Theory Classes 20
Basic Food Production Lab 02
Advanced Food Production 01
Bakery & Confectionery Lab 01
Front Office Lab 01
F & B Service Lab 03
Advance F&B Service Lab 02
Housekeeping Lab 02
Computer Software & Hardware Lab 03
Language Lab 03
Library 03
Conference Hall 02
Cafeteria 02
Boys' Common Room 01
Girls' Common Room 01
Fashion Lab 02
Media 01

Campus Security at SBIHM School of Management in Barasat:

– Fully enclosed campus with robust security systems
– Comprehensive CCTV surveillance and Wi-Fi coverage
– Fire safety measures in place
– On-site medical facilities for immediate assistance
– Adherence to cleanliness and hygiene standards
– 24/7 power backup for uninterrupted operations
– Well-equipped, spacious, and air-conditioned classrooms
– Strict enforcement of anti-ragging and harassment policies

Our commitment to campus security fosters a safe and conducive learning environment for all.